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 Welcome to my world. I’m Skyler Benson, passionate about harnessing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence to reshape how we live, work, and create.


Early Fascination with a Utopian Future

As a child, I was captivated by technology and the utopian futures portrayed in science shows, where we’d live on the moon and have flying cars by 2020. I often felt out of place in my own era, yearning for that high-tech future and losing myself in the world of science fiction books and movies.

My Journey

Fast forward to adulthood. My journey took a more conventional route initially. I found myself still in my home city of Melbourne, Australia, locked in the 9-5 grind with an unquenchable thirst for something more.

My dreams at that time were centered around music. After my bold move to London in 2009 with dreams of becoming a rockstar, I found myself returning to Australia. Yet, in 2012, a new door opened as I joined a new band. Our whirlwind experience in just a few months, including releasing a debut single, music video, and an international show in Los Angeles, taught me the power of embracing opportunities.

I then discovered electronic music and saw it as the future. Combining machines with human creativity to create digital music and art became my new interest. 


Turning to the Digital World

The digital landscape offered a unique allure compared to my previous pursuits. It beckoned, revealing an avenue where my love for technology could intersect with my passion for travel.

I saw the opportunity to use my affinity for technology with a life of travel by diving into the world of digital skills, focusing on copywriting, digital marketing, and SEO.

In 2017, with just a backpack and my laptop, I began my life as a digital nomad, freelancing and exploring the world with a one-way ticket from Australia to Thailand.


Discovering the Power of Everyday Tech: My Photography Journey

After stepping away from the world of music, I found solace in capturing moments and began to explore photography. Initially, I invested in the traditional realms of DSLRs and, later, the compact world of mirrorless cameras. But a revelation struck me – the most powerful tool was one that sat in my pocket daily: my iPhone. This realization was profound. It emphasized the notion that the transformative tech we often seek is already within our grasp, and sometimes, simplicity, driven by powerful AI enhancements, can produce astonishing results. Today, I not only advocate for groundbreaking AI tools in business but also the ones we interact with in our daily lives, like the camera on our smartphones.


Embracing the Dawn of AI

Here’s where my childhood dreams started to find a foothold in reality. I immersed myself deeper into the digital world and discovered Artificial Intelligence.

Suddenly, the utopian future I had dreamt of was almost within reach. AI didn’t just have the potential, it held the power to reshape businesses, elevate creative processes, and make the future a reality in the present.

I knew I wanted to be a part of this technological revolution. AI rekindled my excitement and sense of wonder, which was the culmination of my life-long interests.

And as I delved deeper into the wonders of AI, I realized my journey wasn’t just about personal growth—it was about sharing, guiding, and uplifting others on their journeys too.


Why Skyler Benson?

With Skyler Benson, I bridge my personal journey and my passion for AI to empower your online presence and daily life. Consider this blog as your ally, navigator, and collaborator in delving into the dynamic terrain of AI.

I am dedicated to sharing cutting-edge insights, reviews, and tutorials on AI tools that can revolutionize your online business and enrich your everyday life. My mission is to help you harness the transformative power of AI to elevate your business endeavors and foster a life that aligns with your dreams.

I firmly believe AI won’t replace human creativity. Instead, it’s our tool to push creativity to unprecedented limits. Ready to join the revolution? 


Skyler Benson

Blending human creativity and AI for the future of digital innovation

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