Do you love to dance? Do you want to make money doing something you love? Getting paid to dance is a dream come true for many people, but how do you make money dancing online if you have no experience?

Whatever dance style you love to do, from hip hop to ballet, you can create an income from home or anywhere in the world.

All you need is an internet connection and a camera to earn money online. Even if you only have a later model smartphone, even your phone camera is good enough!

In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know to start making money as a dancer from home!

Let’s dance!

Can I make money from dancing?

While it may seem too good to be true, you can make money from dancing by doing something that you love and get paid. There are many different ways to make money from dancing where you can get paid by a company by the hour or even start your own online business.

How dancers can make money online?

Dancers can make money online by teaching virtual dance classes, creating their own videos and courses, getting paid from Ad Revenue on YouTube or TikTok, affiliate marketing, live streaming, and much more.

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Learn How To Dance

Do you dream about dancing but don’t know how to start? It’s not as difficult as you may think! Learning how to dance is a great way to get fit, have fun, and meet new people. Learn from the privacy of home by watching online dance classes at Steezy – everyone is welcome.

Steezy is a global community of dancers and offers 100+ classes and 50+ moves for free to get you started.

After you become confident and comfortable with dancing and increase your skills, you can start making money online with dancing!

How To Make Money As A Dancer Online

Let’s look at the best ways to make money dancing online in 2022.

The great thing about dancing is that there are many different ways to make money online.

None of these methods require you to have any prior experience or be a professional dancer. Even if you are self-taught, you can get paid good money as a dancer online.

Join Live Streaming Apps

Perhaps the best and most lucrative way to make money dancing online is one that not many dancers even know exists.

It is to join live-streaming apps.

You can get paid by viewers sending you ‘tokens’ or ‘gifts’ and also join a virtual agency that pays you monthly if you reach your goal.

The most popular live-streaming apps for dancing include:

Bigo Live: Bigo is the most well-known live-streaming app that allows you to stream and connect to people worldwide. You can chat in real-time and also dance. In addition, you can make money on Bigo Live by getting viewers to send you gifts and tips and reaching your monthly goals set by the app.

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UpLive: UpLive is another popular social media live streaming platform where you can do whatever to express your creative talents. This includes chatting, singing, or dancing while hanging out and chatting with your viewers.

While live streaming may seem intimidating at first, the apps are heavily moderated for community safety. They are a positive environment where you can showcase your dancing skills, chat with people from around the world, and make new friends and supporters who send you gifts (which can be redeemed for real money) for dancing.

Teach Online Virtual Dance Classes

After the pandemic, many dance classes have shifted from dance studios to dance instructors teaching online. As a result, there is now more demand than ever for dancers to teach online classes.

It is also one of the easiest ways to make money dancing. As a dance teacher, you can find students of all levels interested in learning how to dance.

Even if you aren’t confident in your skills, you can still teach beginners the basics who have no dance experience at all.

Then, you can start your own business and advertise dance classes on social media like Instagram or Facebook.

Or another option is to find businesses hiring virtual dance teachers. You could even become a certified Zumba instructor and then teach live online Zumba classes.

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How do dance videos make money?

Dance videos make money from ad revenue. Once you meet the minimum requirements of a platform, you can start to monetize your account. You will then get paid based on the number of clicks on the ads and ad watch time.

While revenue isn’t related to how many likes you get, it helps with exposure and the algorithm. So, the more people who watch your videos, the more people will likely click on an ad.

Create a YouTube Channel and post dance cover videos

Dance covers on YouTube are extremely popular and often have over a million views. So by posting your dance cover of the latest songs after they are released, you can gain massive exposure and a large audience of fans.

The way you can make money is that YouTube allows you to monetize your content with ads.

To be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll need to:

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll then be able to start earning money by dancing on YouTube. A YouTuber is paid, on average, about $18 per every 1000 ad views.

As well as ad views, you can also partner with brands for sponsored content in your videos.

Create Video Tutorials

As well as dance covers, you can also make step-by-step tutorial videos for each dance you cover. Free tutorial dance lessons for the latest dances are in huge demand.

You should go through move by move and show different camera angles. Also, make sure to slow down the steps so that it is easy for people to follow.

YouTube is the best place to post video tutorials. You can then even promote private virtual lessons to your viewers, where you can teach them to learn to dance to their favorite tracks one-on-one.

Join The TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok is the number one social media platform for online dancing, with the chance to have your dance blow up overnight with thousands of other dancers imitating it.

Even better is now you can get paid for your TikTok content!

The TikTok Creator Fund is currently only available for creators based in the US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. However, it is likely to be expanded in the future to more countries.

To qualify, you’ll also need to have 10K authentic followers and 100K authentic video views within the past 30 days. You’ll also need to meet the Community Guidelines.

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Offer A Choreography Service

Do you have a talent for creating your own original and memorable dance routines for all the latest songs? Did you know that you can turn that skill into being a freelance choreographer for artists?

There is a considerable market for creating dance choreography and vibrant, high-quality dance moves that bring the music to life.

If you can create the next viral dance move, you can launch your career as a choreographer.

You can set your own prices and list your services on Fiverr. You can also find job listings on Upwork.

Become an Affiliate Seller

To sell affiliate products and programs, you’ll need to first focus on creating a personal brand and leveraging it to become an influencer.

There is an extensive range of products related to dancing that you can promote on your social media accounts, such as Instagram or TikTok. This can include anything from workout gear to online dance courses and lifestyle health and beauty products.

The way affiliate marketing works is when anyone buys a product using your link or promo code, you receive a commission from the sale.

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Create An Online Course

A great way to make an income is to create an online course to teach dancing. You can either teach beginners how to dance or focus on a specific dance style such as hip hop or ballet. Another option is to create video tutorials that teach dances to particular artists or songs.

You can record lessons covering all the fundamentals and upload your course for sale on an online teaching platform such as Skillshare or Udemy. Otherwise, you could create your own website and sell the course directly using Teachable.

The great thing about online courses is that you only need to create the content once and can keep earning money from it.

You also have the chance to release more courses in the future. Best of all, you will already have an audience interested in them and can upsell to your students by giving them a special limited-time offer to join new courses.

You can also leverage your students and offer them private 1-on-1 dance lessons. For example, you can teach them the moves from the course they struggle with or any specific song dances they wish to learn.

Start And Monetize A Blog About Dancing

You can start a blog about dancing and monetize it if you enjoy writing. You should be aware that blogging is a long-term strategy and won’t bring in a lot of money overnight. But if you stick with it, you can create a truly passive income within 6-12 months.

The best strategy is to use a blog as a central hub for your content. There are many ways to monetize a blog, such as through ad revenue and affiliate marketing. Sponsored posts to brands, dance classes, and selling online courses are also other great options.

You can blog about anything from learning to dance, different types of dance, dance outfits, the technical side to dancing, stretching, workouts, diet, your favorite dances, and more lifestyle-oriented content.

After you establish your website and brand, you could also contact some dance blogs and possibly write articles for their sites too.

Starting a blog would work great while combined with some of the other ideas listed here.

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How To Make Money Dancing Online – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different ways to make money dancing online. They all have the potential to create a great side hustle or even a full-time income.

Like any online business, relying on one income stream for 100% of your earnings is never a good idea. What if they go out of business, change their terms and conditions, or pay rates. Or, even though it is very unlikely, you could even be demonetized, suspended, or banned.

So, try a few different ideas and focus on the ones that work best for you and that you enjoy the most.

You can also gain valuable experience and build a brand and following, which can open up professional dancer opportunities in the future.

What could be better than doing what you love and getting paid to dance!

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