How long does it take to write 1000 words? This is a question that many writers often ask themselves, and the answer is it depends.

There are several factors that determine how long it takes.

Have you already done your research and have all the information you need?

If so, the average person usually takes about 3-4 hours to write 1000 words.

When you think about it, 1000 words isn’t as long as it may seem.

With double spacing for essays and font size of 12pt, 1000 words typed in a word processor is about 4 pages.

For a 1000-word article, it takes about 3.3 minutes of reading time.

So, on average, you will need to write between 250 to 333 words per hour.

This blog post will give you a detailed breakdown of how long it should take you to write 1000 words, based on your writing speed and the level of detail you include.

There are also some tips for improving your writing speed to write more words in less time without sacrificing quality.

Let’s get started!

My Experience – How Long Does It Take Me To Write 1000 Words?

At first, when I was still in school and writing essays infrequently, having to write 1000 words was extremely daunting and intimidating. It would take me days to struggle to write the first draft.

But, now that I’ve been working as a professional freelance writer for almost 5 years, the time it takes has significantly decreased.

I am a content creator and mostly write blog posts, articles, and website content, for my own blog and client work.

I can now write 1000 words for articles in about 2 hours or 3 hours, including research, writing, editing, finding royalty-free images, and publishing the content.

Many other writers I have spoken to take approximately the same writing time.

But, It definitely wasn’t always that way for me.

Each day, I write at least 1,000 words or more now. I have worked out a writing process that helps me to write faster.

Suppose you are writing an assignment, essay, business report, or fiction. The time it takes may then vary significantly, especially if you need to do extensive research first.

There are many different factors to consider, and each time you write 1000 words, the time it takes could vary.

Choosing The Best Writing Software

I write my draft in Google Docs and edit them using Grammarly.

This is the easiest way for me to focus on writing and not tweaking settings.

The word processor you use doesn’t matter. But, trying to find out how to do a specific task in the document while in the middle of writing is a massive productivity killer.

So, you should pick writing software that you are comfortable with and be familiar with all the tools and menus you need.

Here you can find the ultimate list of writing apps for 2022.

Try out a few, and pick the one you feel most comfortable with. This will help you to write faster in the future also.

How do you write a 1000-word essay in one day?

So you’ve left your essay to the last minute and now are stressing out and want to know if it is even possible to finish it before the deadline.

I get it. I’ve been there way too many times before.

So, how long does it take to write 1000 words for an essay?

The good news is that you can get it done in a day, from the first draft to submitting the final document.

If you are a fast writer and don’t need to do much research, it shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour or two hours for the first draft.

If you are a slower writer or have to do extensive research, it could take several hours to a day or two.

It also depends on whether you want to get good grades or simply pass the class. Generally, the more you edit your work, the higher your grades.

Here are some tips for writing a 1,000 word essay quickly:

  • Start by doing your research and making an outline of what you will write about. This will help you organize your thoughts and structure your essay to be easy to follow.
  • Write your draft as quickly as possible: Don’t worry about making mistakes or writing perfect sentences. Just get your thoughts down on paper (or screen).
  • Once you have a draft, take some time to edit and revise it: This is where you can make sure that your essay is well-written and free of errors.
  • Proofread one last time: Finally, before you submit your essay, proofread it to make sure that there are no typos or grammatical errors.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye on your word count length. Going over the maximum word length can often take too much time to edit it to the correct word count.

With some focus and effort, you should be able to write a 1,000 word essay in one day!

How Long Should It Take To Write 1000 Words?

Assuming you have to do some research, plan and edit your work, it should take the average person about three hours to write 1,000 words.

Of course, this will vary depending on how fast you can write, whether you are focused and block out distractions, and how experienced you are with writing.

Can I write 1000 words in 2 hours?

It is definitely possible to write 1000 words in two hours. You’ll need to make sure you have already done your research and eliminate any distractions.

To keep focused, write in 20 or 25-minute bursts and then have a short break for a few minutes.

While it may seem like a lot, to write 1000 words in 2 hours, you will need to write 500 words per hour, or 250 words every 30 minutes. Definitely doable!

But, if you are a slow writer or need to do extensive research, it may take longer than two hours.

Is it hard to write 1000 words in a day?

No, it is not hard to write 1,000 words in a day. However, it may be challenging if you are a beginner, have other commitments, or have a full-time job.

Also, if you are a slow writer or need to do extensive research, it may be harder to write 1000 words in a day. In this case, it is best to set aside some time each day to write, even if it is only for 30 minutes.

Over the coming weeks, you will begin to build positive writing habits, making writing 1000 words in a day easier.

Picture of an iMac with a 1K heart emoticon


How can I improve my writing speed?

If you want to improve your writing speed, there are a few things you can do:

  • Write every day: The more you write, the faster you will become, even if you just write for a few minutes.
  • Use a timer: Set a timer for a specific time, and start writing!
  • Take breaks: It’s essential to take breaks so you don’t get burnt out, but don’t get distracted by social media or YouTube for hours.
  • Set a goal: Having a goal will give you something to work towards. You can even turn it into a game to keep you motivated to meet your page or word goal within a specified time.
  • Turn off your phone: Switch off any other devices that could interrupt your work to help you focus better.
  • Practice: The more you practice, the better you will become at writing quickly.
  • Improve your touch typing skills: Being able to touch type will significantly improve your typing speed. Many online websites, such as TypingClub, help you learn touch typing free through typing games.
  • Find a quiet place to write: It should be somewhere you can focus on writing without distractions. If you can’t write at home, try going to a library or cafe, and use noise-canceling headphones if needed.

With some practice and focus, you should be able to write 1000 words in no time!

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Is writing 1000 words an hour good?

Yes, writing 1000 words in an hour is very good. However, you should always aim for quality over quantity. It also depends on your writing speed, how good your writing is, and if you have already done your research.

Sometimes writing 1000 words per hour that you need to edit extensively can take double or triple as long as writing slow but quality work.

If you are a beginner or slow writer, it may be hard to reach a speed of 1000 words an hour, but it is definitely possible over time.

How Much Writing Experience Do You Have?

Are you a beginner writer writing an essay, or are you a professional content writer writing multiple blog posts per week? The more experience you have with writing, the less time it will take to write 1,000 words.

How Well Do You Know the Topic?

Is the topic something you are already an expert in and will be typing everything from your own thoughts and opinions? Or is it a topic you will need to research, search for information online, and constantly refer to notes? 

Be Sure To Structure And Outline Your Content

Taking just 10-15 minutes to create an outline can save you hours and reduce the time it takes to write significantly more than if you just write as you go along.

An outline also lets you know what you need to write instead of procrastinating.

It can be as simple as creating the main headings of your articles or essays and then listing a few dot points under each one that you wish to cover. They only need to be one sentence each.

You should also plan out the word count for each section you wish to write to ensure you don’t go over the 1000-word limit. This will prevent you from spending hours trying to reduce the word count after you’ve finished your draft.

How Much Do You Need To Edit Your Work?

Do you only need a quick grammar check to post a 1000-word article on your blog? Or are you in high school or college writing a 1000-word essay and hoping to get an A?

Editing can range from a quick spell check and proofreading to having to edit and rewrite all of your documents. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the quality of your first draft.

Bonus Tip: Speed up your editing workflow by using Grammarly. A free version integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It can pick up grammar and spelling errors in real-time as you write to save you time when editing later on.

Final Thoughts – How Long Does It Take To Write 1000 words?

How long does it take to write 1000 words varies for each person. There is also usually a trade-off.

For example, it is almost impossible to both write fast and write well at the same time right away. But over time, as you become more experienced with writing, you will be able to increase how fast you write and reduce the amount of editing you need to do.

Follow the tips for how to improve your writing speed and get rid of as many distractions as possible. Then, find your own writing process that works for you, and set aside at least 3 or 4 hours to write.

It is better to have more time than to pressure yourself to try to write faster against impossible deadlines. Also, choose a time of day to write when you are most productive.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes you longer to write 1000 words. That is perfectly normal at first. The more you write, the faster you will become. Good luck!

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